Shared, interactive storytime

Far Far Away

Aimed at parents and family member's who are geographically separated from their children, the app enabled them to connect and share story-times together via an interactive iPad app with built-in video chat.

This is another Gourmet Pixel project where we worked closely with the founder of Far Far Away, Cameron Church to bring his idea to life. He had the basics of the idea, yet required visualisation of this in terms of logo and branding, along with development of the user experience and overall look and feel of the UI.

The work started with the logo, with which I designed quite a freeform logotype that can incorporate a number of visual styles and themes to convey different genres of story.

The UX was quite a complex task, guiding the user through various user permissions and connections in a simple way.

For the general style of the app, we went for a more tactile, layered & textured feel - this is aimed at kids, so we veered away from super minimal, Material-like designs for the main experience.

Far Far Away, users can buy and download interactive books to their library
Users have access to a library of purchased books
Far Far Away app in iPad. Interactive book and video chat.
Story-time experiences shared, no matter the distance.
Far Far Away app in iPad. View book descriptions, purchase or download previews.Interactive book and video chat.
Browse the bookstore, preview and purchase books.
Far Far Away app on iPad. Interactive book and video chat. Multiple user accounts.
Multiple profiles
Far Far Away app in iPad. Interactive book and video chat.