Festive fun for iPhone


The Christmas app is designed with fun at the heart, completely happy in it's skeuomorphic skin - it flaunts textures, shadows and layering.

The app features a panoramic landscape that forms part of the navigation. As users tap on each of the main navigation buttons the view scrolls in parallax horizontally, taking the user to new areas with new features.

I know that minimal UI / Material design are all the rage nowadays, but I really feel that in some instances it just isn't the way to go. There is a danger with current design styles being so heavily influenced by Material Design that everything will start to look very similar.

Christmas app for iphone, featuring an advent calendar.
Open a new window each day of Advent to unlock new goodies.
Christmas app for iphone, featuring a number of interactive games.
Play interactive games.
Christmas app for iphone, features a built in (lockable) gift list.
Budget and plan for your Christmas spend with a lockable gift list.
Christmas app for iphone, features a countdown of the number of sleeps until Christmas!
Get a countdown to the big day!
Apple Cinema Display showing screen layouts, UI / UX for the Christmas app